Close Ups of 3 Photos of Wilum Pugmire at the 2014 HPLFF

Here are close ups (cropped versions) of the first three photos from my last post. You can see him a little better in these. He’s seated on his favorite bench in front of the Hollywood Theater. In the bottom photo, Jason V Brock (pointing) and William F Nolan (with cane) are to his left. The man talking to Wilum is unidentified



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Photos of Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire at the 2014 HPLFF

A little over two weeks ago, on Saturday, May 4, 2019, my wife and I drove up to Seattle and attended the memorial event for my late friend and literary collaborator, Lovecraftian horror author, W. H. Pugmire (also known as Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire). I made private notes on the trip in my journal, but haven’t decided if I will write about it other than that. Meanwhile, I’m continuing with the much more modest project of posting all of my photos of Wilum taken at the various conventions where we met and talked during the years 2012 through 2018. I hung out with Wilum at two different cons in 2014: the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival (HPLFF) and the World Horror Convention. Both of these were held in Portland, Oregon. Can’t recall if I’ve already mentioned this, but after each of the cons where I saw Wilum I made notes about it in my journal, and some day I may write about those events, but not now. I’m too busy with other writing projects, so I’ll just keep posting the photos without commentary. Here are the photos from the 2014 HPLFF. The photos of me (gray haired guy in brown corduroy jacket) and Wilum together on a bench in front of the Hollywood Theater were taken by my daughter, Molly. I’ll add captions identifying other people I recognize later. Right now I need to walk the dog and mow the lawn.


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Photos of Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire at the 2013 HPLFF

These are all the photos I took of Lovecraftian author Wilum Pugmire at the 2013 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival. I had a crappy digital camera in those days and the focus is bad on some of these. I made notes about each of the cons I’ve attended, and may write about what it was like to hang out with him, but for now, I just want to post the photos. Today is Wilum’s birthday. He passed away a little over a month ago. Rest in Peace, sweet Wilum.

Left to Right: Wilum, Unidentifed, Jason V Brock.

L to R: Unidentified, Unidentified, Wilum. L to R: Unidentified, Niels Hobbs, Wilum. L to R: Wilum, Unidentified.




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Photos of Wilum Pugmire at the 2012 H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival

It’s been almost three weeks since horror writer W. H. Pugmire died. He was both a good friend and a collaborator, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the times I spent in his presence, what a special person he was, and his lasting importance as the greatest modern Lovecraftian author. As part of that mental assessing of his life, I’ve been pulling together all of the photos I took of him at various horror conventions, some of which have been  hard to find, scattered as they are on my current computer as well as on old CD discs and thumb drives. I’ve decided to post all of the photos I took of him, even those where the focus is not perfect or the composition isn’t the best, because now that he’s gone, there will be no new photos of Wilum, and all existing photos are worth preserving and sharing, I feel, as are all of his writings, whether fiction, blog posts, posts on social media, letters, emails, or private messages on Facebook. Going through my notebooks, I found that I hung out with Wilum at six different cons during from 2012 through 2018. I’ll post my photos of Wilum from each of these six cons in separate blog posts, with this first one being three shots of Pugmire that I took at 2012 Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon. I may have more photos from this day, but haven’t yet found them.

WIlum Pugmire on his bench outside the Hollywood Theater.

Wilum Pugmire in the theater lobby

Pugmire with Maryann K. Snyder, Greg Lowney, and Molly Tanzer, from left to right.  


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Creepy Easter Horror eBook is Free for Five Day

My Easter horror ebook, Don’t Go Down the Bunny Trail, is free on Amazon from Wednesday, April 17, 2019, through Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019, on Amazon. Below is an excerpt. Here’s a link to the ebook:


Little Emily has been waiting patiently for weeks for Easter to arrive. Now there’s just a few hours left, it’s the afternoon before Easter, and she’s really excited, but her daddy’s late coming home from the mill, the sun is setting, and she’s afraid of being home alone when the woods get dark. A scary short story about something strange that’s coming down the bunny trail towards Emily’s house, and she’s not sure if it’s really the Easter Bunny, or if it’s that creepy rabbit from her dad’s horror DVD, or something else the townsfolk whisper about that came to Earth when a fireball fell from the sky one night and landed in the lake at the end of the Bunny Trail.


Some photos I shot for possible use as cover art:


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Lovecraftian author W. H. Pugmire has died

It is with a heavy heart that I report that my dear friend and literary collaborator, the renowned author of Lovecraftian fiction, Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire, passed away early yesterday morning, March 26, 2019. He had been very ill and hospitalized for about a month before being sent home for hospice care. Luckily, he was not in any pain, just very weak, as his already ailing heart had been further damaged by a bout with pneumonia. The pneumonia was ultimately cured, but his heart was failing, and the doctors told him he didn’t have long to live. He lasted only three days at home, and died at 3:15 AM yesterday, surrounded by loving family and friends. Wilum was one of my very best friends, and I am devastated by his loss. The field of weird fiction has lost a master craftsman, and a truly good person. I think it was Lovecraft biographer and editor, S. T. Joshi (who also lives in Seattle and was Wilum’s best friend) who said that Wilum was the finest Lovecraftian author of our time, and the finest modern practitioner of the weird prose poem. I heartily concur in that judgment. I will miss Wilum terribly, as will his hundreds and hundreds of fans. He was unique, one of a kind, and I shall not see his likes in this world again.

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My book “Half in Light, Half in Shadow” is published!

My new chapbook of weird fiction is now available from The Audient Void: A Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy. It includes four story, for each of which I did an illustration. Here’s the publisher’s announcement:

Our new chapbook HALF IN LIGHT, HALF IN SHADOW by David Barker is now out and available for purchase through the links below. This chapbook includes four stories by David, three of which appear here for the first time. The other story “The Crawling Dead” was published way back in our long out of print first issue and earned honorable mention in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year #8.

Along with David’s haunting fiction this chapbook features an illuminating introduction by the spectral balladeer Adam Bolivar and cover art and interior layout by Dan Sauer.

HALF IN LIGHT, HALF IN SHADOW is being published in a signed limited edition of 100 copies, each of which is signed by David, Adam and Dan.

For international orders please use the link to order through Ebay.…/half-in-light-half-i…


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