Scary Rabbit Creepy Bunny Easter Horror Kindle eBook

My short Easter horror / sci-fi ebook, Don’t Go Down the Bunny Trail, is free all day today, Saturday April 15, 2017, on Amazon. You can get it here if WordPress allows me to insert a link to it:


Little Emily has been waiting patiently for weeks for Easter to arrive. Now there’s just a few hours left, it’s the afternoon before Easter, and she’s really excited, but her daddy’s late coming home from the mill, the sun is setting, and she’s afraid of being home alone when the woods get dark. A scary short story about something strange that’s coming down the bunny trail towards Emily’s house, and she’s not sure if it’s really the Easter Bunny, or if it’s that creepy rabbit from her dad’s horror DVD, or something else the townsfolk whisper about that came to Earth when a fireball fell from the sky one night and landed in the lake at the end of the Bunny Trail.


I plan to revise the ending of this story someday to make it less cryptic and also to add to the ebook a second story that is a sequel to Bunny Trail, but that will have to wait until I’m done with some other writing projects. Maybe in time for next Easter.

Here are some photos I shot for possible use as cover art on the ebook.

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Alternate cover art for Don’t Go Down the Bunny Trail

In 2014 when I was preparing my Easter horror story, Don’t Go Down the Bunny Trail for publication as a Kindle ebook, I experimented with several photos I’d taken of chocolate Easter bunnies lit so as to look creepy. I really liked the cover design below but settled for something more subtle and serious when I finally published it. But now I’m second guessing that decision. I may end up changing the cover to this first design after all.




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An H. P. Lovecraft Style Breakfast

I’ve read that the great 20th Century horror author H. P. Lovecraft’s favorite breakfast meal consisted of donuts and cheese — a rather odd sounding combination. I don’t eat donuts very often because they do weird things to my blood sugar level (it soars and then plunges), but I happened to have a box of donuts on hand and thought I would try Lovecraft’s breakfast just as a matter of curiosity, he being my favorite author. The donut was a standard glazed Krispy Kreme and the cheese was a simple chunk of cheddar. Lovecraft’s favorite drink was coffee, which I always have for breakfast, so that fit right in. I was expecting this would be a strange — possibly even gross — mixture of flavors and textures which might leave me feeling somewhat less than healthy, but actually it was a very pleasant combination that had no ill effects on my sense of well-being. I took a bite of donut, followed by a bite of cheese, washed that down with a sip of black coffee, and repeated this routine until my plate was clean. The flavors complimented each other quite nicely, with the donut’s childish sweetness and lightness being balanced by the cheese’s adult-like tartness and heaviness. The two vastly different foods went together quite well. Even better, the bizarre combination of donut and cheese had no effect whatsoever on my blood sugar level. I know very little about nutrition, but my guess is that the protein in the cheese offset the sugary carbs in the donut. There was no sugar high followed by a sugar low. It was a good combination, although not one that I would make a regular diet of. Donuts, for me, are something to be kept as an occasional treat, and not a dietary staple. But still, well done, Lovecraft!

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New Book on UFOs and Aliens by David Barker and Jordan Hofer to be published in Fall 2017

Schiffer Publishing has scheduled the second UFO book that I wrote in collaboration with Jordan Hofer, “Unidentifiable Flying Objects,” for release in Fall 2017. Below is a link to a PDF of the press release. The cover art was created by Mark Madland. The first book we wrote together, “Little Gray Bastards,” was published by Schiffer in 2016. Here’s the tentative Table of Contents:

Foreword by Mack Malony


Preface – Travis Walton Falls Down

Introduction – Drones, CGI and the Future of UFO Sightings in the Twenty-First Century

Chapter 1 – Introducing Shreya Joshi

Chapter 2 – The Further Adventures of Earl Heriot – Part One

Chapter 3 – The Rendlesham Code Reconsidered

Chapter 4 – The Further Adventures of Earl Heriot – Part Two

Chapter 5 – Welcome to Flat Water

Chapter 6 – It’s All Relative

Chapter 7 – I, Hybrid

Chapter 8 – We Are All Abductees

Chapter 9 – Oregon’s Area 51

Conclusion – In Dubio Verum Est

Glossary, Bibliography, Index


Unidentifiable Flying Objects Front Cover

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Nightmare’s Realm Table of Contents TOC

I feel extremely honored to have a short story in this weird fiction anthology edited by the great S. T. Joshi and published by Dark Regions Press. Years ago, before I officially returned to the horror field but was still writing an occasional horror story on the sly, I would always check the horror section on visits to Powell’s Books in Portland, and whenever I came across a Dark Regions Press title, I would think that someday, somehow, I would love to have something published by DRP, which I’ve always considered the leading contemporary publisher of horror fiction. I had no idea of how that could actually happen. Now, through some mysterious, unimaginable unfolding of events, that dream has come true. Three people had a lot to do with this dream coming true. The first is my friend Obadiah Baird (editor of the weird lit zine, Audient Void), who bought me a ticket to the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in 2012 and invited me to attend with him. He even drove. Being a homebody, I had been aware of the HPLFF since it’s inception, but never considered actually driving the 60 miles to attend. Leaving town just wasn’t in my play book. The second person who helped this dream come true was my wife, Judy, who insisted I break out of my shell and urged me to go with Ob to the festival. She knew I would have a good time if I just gave it a chance. And the third person who helped me realize the dream of being published by Dark Regions Press was my old pal, legendary Lovecraftian author, W, H. Pugmire. Wilum and I had corresponded by snail mail back in the 80s and 90s. I published a few of his pieces in various Lovecraft fanzines that I edited, and he published one or two of my pieces in his zines. I lost touch with him sometime in the 90s, but I was aware that after I had left the horror field, he went on to establish a very solid reputation as one of the very finest prose artists in modern horror. Wilum did a reading at the 2012 HPLFF which I enthusiastically attended. Afterwards, I went up to him rather sheepishly and introduced myself (we had never met in person before), asking if he remembered me from the old days. He did, and gave me a very warm welcome. Later, we became Facebook friends, and eventually collaborated on two books of Lovecraftian fiction: the short novel, The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal, and the story collection, In the Gulfs of Dream. Both of these books were beautifully published by Dark Renaissance Books. Wilum and I did signings of these books at various cons, I met many other writers, editors, publishers and fans in the horror field, and eventually it came to pass that I was invited by the esteemed S. T. Joshi to submit a story for Nightmare’s Realm. I jumped on this opportunity, wrote the best tale I could, and was floored when Joshi accepted it. I truly believe this happened not because I was friends with Wilum and had met Joshi at one of the Lovecraft Festivals (I’ve attended each one since 2012), but because, through the process of collaborating with Wilum and really pushing myself to produce the best work I was capable of, I had grown as a writer, to the degree where I was  able to craft a story good enough for Joshi to accept. So, long story short, Obadiah, Judy, and Wilum each in their own way helped me realize that impossible dream of being published by  Dark Regions Press, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Okay, here’s the table of contents for Nightmare’s Dream. I’m in there with some real heavy hitters, including Lovecraft and Poe themselves:

Nightmare’s Realm Table of Contents

Introduction by S. T. Joshi
Prologue: To a Dreamer by H. P. Lovecraft
The Dreamed by Ramsey Campbell
A Predicament by Darrell Schweitzer
Kafkaesque by Jason V Brock
Beneath the Veil by David Barker
Dreams Downstream by John Shirley
Death-Dreaming by Nancy Kilpatrick
Cast Lots by Richard Gavin
The Wake by Steve Rasnic Tem
Dead Letter Office by Caitlín R. Kiernan
The Art of Memory by Donald Tyson
What You Do Not Bring Forth by John Langan
The Barrier Between by W. H. Pugmire
Sleep Hygiene by Gemma Files
Purging Mom by Jonathan Thomas
The Fifth Stone by Simon Strantzas
In the City of Sharp Edges by Stephen Woodworth
An Actor’s Nightmare by Reggie Oliver
Epilogue: Dream-Land by Edgar Allan Poe



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Nightmare’s Realm

I’m thrilled to have a short story in the forthcoming anthology of weird fiction, Nightmare’s Realm, edited by S. T. Joshi and published by Dark Regions Press. There will be a deluxe signed, slipcased hardcover edition that is bound in black leather and limited to 150 copies.  Here’s the publisher’s announcement (note the preorder date of November 22):

Announcing Nightmare’s Realm: New Tales of the Weird & Fantastic Edited by S. T. Joshi Featuring New Fiction by Ramsey Campbell, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Simon Strantzas, Gemma Files and Many More:…/november-22nd-nightmares-realm…

Dreams and nightmares often give us glimpses into our true character; they can reveal our deepest anxieties and our most ambitious aspirations. Weird fiction has a rich history with dreamlike stories and nightmares that cross boundaries between the real and imaginary. Even H. P. Lovecraft endured many bizarre dreams from the early days of his youth that he then used as inspiration for some of his fiction and poetry. Now world-renowned weird fiction scholar and editor S. T. Joshi has assembled a new set of nightmares from some of the strongest minds in weird fiction today.

Launching for preorder with early ebook download exclusively on on Tuesday, November 22nd 2016!

Read the full Table of Contents for Nightmare’s Realm on our website:…/november-22nd-nightmares-realm…



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A list of my King In Yellow (KIY) stories and poems

Last summer I was asked about the poems and short stories I’ve written that were inspired by Robert W. Chamber’s 1895 book of weird horror fiction, The King In Yellow, and came up with this list:

“Audience at Sunset” (poem, collaboration with Wilum Pugmire) in Spectral Realms

“Chamber of Shards” (poem) in Cyaegha

“In Her Hibernal Aspect” (story) in Cyaegha

“The Dying King” (story) in Cyaegha

“Caressa’s Song” (poem) in Spectral Realms

“The Cyprian’s Tale” (story) in Cyaegha

I expect to write more KIY pieces in the future. One of the things that fascinates me about Chamber’s King In Yellow Mythos is that it’s quite vague and undefined, which makes it wide open for endless variations and interpretations. It’s kind of a Rorschach test. You can make of it what you will.


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