Literary Archaeology

For the past few months, I’ve been looking over old manuscripts that I wrote in college.  Most of these I have not reread since they were written.  It’s a strange experience reading these old works again.  Part nostalgia and part discovery.  Most of it I have no memory of having written.  I may recall the work in general, remember the title, the mood of it, but I usually don’t remember the act of writing it, or any of the text specifically.  The discovery aspect is on two levels.  First, I’m discovering it as literature.  Secondly, to the extent the content is autobiographical, I’m discovering pieces of my life I’d long ago forgotten.  No matter what “new” facts I learn, no matter how much I now remember, aided by this new information, all of the pieces never really fit together.  The whole remains a mystery.  It’s like reading about someone else’s life, studying the random evidence gathered during research, and trying to make sense of it all.  I can speculate, come up with theories, arrive at a tentative chronology with estimated dates, but it’s all conjecture.  An odd experience that I’m thoroughly enjoying.


About David Barker

David Barker is the author of two works of weird horror fiction written in collaboration with W. H. Pugmire: The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal and In the Gulfs of Dream & Other Lovecraftian Tales (both books were published by the now defunct Dark Renaissance Books, but copies are still available from Dark Regions Press.) Barker and Pugmire also collaborated on a Lovecraftian horror novel, Witches In Dreamland, which will be published by Hippocampus Press, possibly in late 2017. Recently, his stories and poems have appeared in Fungi, Cyaegha, Spectral Realms, The Art Mephitic, The Audient Void, The Indiscriminate Mixture and on He has a short story in the weird fiction anthology, Nightmare's Realm, edited by S. T. Joshi and published in 2017 by Dark Regions Press. He also has published several works of horror and bizarro fiction as Kindle ebooks, including the bizarro zombie novel Dead Guys in Packards. Together with Jordan Hofer, David Barker has written two nonfiction books about UFOs and alien abduction: Little Gray Bastards (published in 2016 by Schiffer Publishing) and Unidentifiable Flying Objects (due in Fall 2017 from Schiffer.)
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