My Big Writing Day

I’m only writing one day a week at this time, spending the other days making a living. Today I finished up the first draft of the second installment in my zombie series, Electro-Thrall – Book 2, by rewriting the final scene. Then I began a new short story I’ve been mulling over — a Lovecraftian horror tale set in a city park. And to round out things, I sent a bunch more scanned pages of Wraethrom, an experimental novel I wrote in the mid to late 1960s, to my editor, Bill Roberts at Bottle of Smoke Press.  This novel has been hidden away for about 45 years.  I submitted it to a well know editor early on, got a very caustic rejection letter from him, and stuck it in a closet until now.  At this point, I don’t know if it’ll be published or not.  It’s utterly bizarre, far more “out there” than my other experimental novel, Death At The Flea Circus, which Bottle of Smoke published in 2011.  We’ll see.  As if that weren’t enough literary projects at one time, I’m also thinking about revising a horror story I wrote in 1994 which is unpublished, called “The Crawling Dead.”


About David Barker

David Barker is co-author of three books of Lovecraftian horror fiction written in collaboration with W. H. Pugmire: The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal, In the Gulfs of Dream & Other Lovecraftian Tales, and Witches in Dreamland. In 2019, his chapbook of four weird short stories, Half in Light, Half in Shadow, was published by The Audient Void magazine.
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