Electro-Thrall Zombies Book Two Published

I’ve just published Book Two of my serial novel, Electro-Thrall Zombies.  It’s subtitled “The Revenant.”  WordPress won’t allow me to post a link to the book on Amazon, but here’s the cover:

I love that photo.  I searched through literally thousands of stock images before I found this one, which I think captures the mood of the story and represents my mental image of one of the main characters, Maggie.

I have a feeling that Book One of this serial novel never really found it’s audience.   I started writing the book on a whim.  I thought: if I wrote a zombie novel, what would it be about?  And immediately I had a flood of ideas and began writing.  The story quickly morphed from a standard horror tale of the living dead to a paranormal love story, and I found that far more interesting and went with it.  If you’re looking for “paranormal romance” (i.e., a love story with supernatural or horror elements) told from a male point of view, with oppressed non-hostile zombies and some nerdy techno-geek trappings, this may be your book.

When I began Electro-Thrall, I hadn’t read any zombie lit.  That was a good thing, because I had no models to copy or live up to and was free to go in my own direction.  Shortly after I began the book, I read the first 40 pages of a very popular zombie novel, and while it was well written, I was bored with the core ideas and put it aside.’

I’m sure Electro-Thrall will disappoint many who are looking for one more story about shambling brain-eating zombies that must be put down by survivalists with heavy armament.   It’s not a story designed to please them.  What drove me to write this book is the idea of love surviving death, of a living man who has unrequited love for a dead woman, and of a dead woman who is brought back to life and finds she is suddenly free of the social conventions that oppressed her while alive and can feel love for the first time.  If that idea appeals to you, then maybe Electro-Thrall is a book you will enjoy.

To promote Book Two, I am running a five day free promotion for Electro-Thrall, Book One.  From Sunday, July 22 through Thursday, July 26, it’s a free download from Amazon.  If you get a free copy and enjoy it, please consider buying Book Two at 99 cents.  Here’s the cover of Book One:


About David Barker

David Barker is the author of two works of weird horror fiction written in collaboration with W. H. Pugmire: The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal and In the Gulfs of Dream & Other Lovecraftian Tales (both books were published by the now defunct Dark Renaissance Books, but copies are still available from Dark Regions Press.) Barker and Pugmire also collaborated on a Lovecraftian horror novel, Witches In Dreamland, which will be published by Hippocampus Press, possibly in late 2017. Recently, his stories and poems have appeared in Fungi, Cyaegha, Spectral Realms, The Art Mephitic, The Audient Void, The Indiscriminate Mixture and on Shoggoth.net. He has a short story in the weird fiction anthology, Nightmare's Realm, edited by S. T. Joshi and published in 2017 by Dark Regions Press. He also has published several works of horror and bizarro fiction as Kindle ebooks, including the bizarro zombie novel Dead Guys in Packards. Together with Jordan Hofer, David Barker has written two nonfiction books about UFOs and alien abduction: Little Gray Bastards (published in 2016 by Schiffer Publishing) and Unidentifiable Flying Objects (due in Fall 2017 from Schiffer.)
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