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How many copies are there of Opal Whiteley’s book “The Fairyland around Us?”

I often read that there are only ten known copies of Opal Whiteley’s self-published book, The Fairyland Around Us.  Sometimes it’s 12 known copies, other times it’s 15 copies.  Actually, the number of known copies is in the 25 to … Continue reading

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Cheese sandwich, Green Tea, Weird Art

The artist who is doing the cover and inside illustrations for the novella written by me and W. H. Pugmire is Erin Wells, an outstanding talent with impressive credits to her name.  I’m very pleased she’s involved with our book, … Continue reading

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Two Horror Books and One UFO Book

I’m thrilled to be collaborating with not one, but two excellent writers on three different books. Horror icon W. H. Pugmire and I have completed our Lovecraftian novella, The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal, to be published in mid-2014 by Dark … Continue reading

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