New Collection of Horror Fiction by Barker and Pugmire at CthulhuCon 2015

In a couple days I’m supposed to receive 25 copies of the new collection by me (David Barker) and W. H. Pugmire from Dark Renaissance Books. This is a very limited, advance special trade paperback edition that is being prepared just for the Portland CthulhuCon happening this weekend, April 25th and 26th, 2015.  Of the 25 copies, 20 or fewer copies will be available for sale at the event. Wilum and I are doing a reading together at 2:00 PM on Saturday, and we’ll be at the group signing event at 10:00 AM on Sunday. The new collection, “In the Gulfs of Dream & Other Lovecraftian Tales” will be available for purchase at both events, and we’d be happy to sign your copy. The collection consists of 12 short stories by me, another 12 by Wilum, and two longish stories we wrote together. The group signing is named “Carbload for Cthulhu” and features free coffee, tea, bagels and other snacks, with a total of 15 authors on hand. Feel free to bring us any books or magazines you want us to sign — it’s not limited to only books we are selling there. Here’s the final Table of Contents for the collection:

  1. “The Stairway in the Crypt” (9,200 words) Barker & Pugmire.

  2. “Your Ivory Hollow” (3,000 words) – Pugmire

  3. “Among The Ghouls” (2,800 words) – Barker

  4. “A Thousand Smokes” (1,060 words) – Pugmire

  5. “The Temple of the Worm” (1,900 words) – Barker

  6. “An Eidolon of Filth” (3,090 words) – Pugmire

  7. “The Urns” (2,700 words) – Barker

  8. “Through Sunset’s Gate” (1,830 words) – Pugmire

  9. “The Recluse” (4,200 words) – Barker

  10. “An Unearthly Awakening” (1,130 words) – Pugmire

  11. “The Stone of Ubbo-Sathla” (1,300 words) – Barker

  12. “Within One Ruined Realm” (1,685 words) – Pugmire

  13. “In the Gulfs of Dream” (20,600 words) Barker & Pugmire.

  14. “A Dweller in Martian Darkness” (750 words) – Barker.

  15. “O. Lad of Memory and Shadow” (960 words) – Pugmire

  16. “Mural” (3,800 words) – Barker

  17. “Midnight Mushrumps” (2,460 words) – Pugmire

  18. “The Ghoul God’s Bride” (5,200 words) – Barker

  19. “Elder Instincts” (1,530 words) – Pugmire

  20. “The One Dark Thought of Nib-Z’gat(450 words) – Barker

  21. “Descent into Shadow and Light” (1,300 words) – Pugmire

  22. “The Dead City” (3,450 words) – Barker

  23. “The Quickening of Ursula Sphinx” (2,170 words) – Pugmire

  24. “The Horror in the Library” (400 words) – Barker

  25. “A Presence of the Past” (11,400 words) – Pugmire

  26. “The Grasses of Mahspe” (1,300 words) – Barker

And here’s the proof front cover design with a wonderful painting by the highly gifted artist, Erin Wells (the published cover may be slightly different):




About David Barker

David Barker is the author of two works of weird horror fiction written in collaboration with W. H. Pugmire: The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal and In the Gulfs of Dream & Other Lovecraftian Tales (both books were published by the now defunct Dark Renaissance Books, but copies are still available from Dark Regions Press.) Barker and Pugmire also collaborated on a Lovecraftian horror novel, Witches In Dreamland, which will be published by Hippocampus Press, possibly in late 2017. Recently, his stories and poems have appeared in Fungi, Cyaegha, Spectral Realms, The Art Mephitic, The Audient Void, The Indiscriminate Mixture and on He has a short story in the weird fiction anthology, Nightmare's Realm, edited by S. T. Joshi and published in 2017 by Dark Regions Press. He also has published several works of horror and bizarro fiction as Kindle ebooks, including the bizarro zombie novel Dead Guys in Packards. Together with Jordan Hofer, David Barker has written two nonfiction books about UFOs and alien abduction: Little Gray Bastards (published in 2016 by Schiffer Publishing) and Unidentifiable Flying Objects (due in Fall 2017 from Schiffer.)
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