A list of my King In Yellow (KIY) stories and poems

Last summer I was asked about the poems and short stories I’ve written that were inspired by Robert W. Chamber’s 1895 book of weird horror fiction, The King In Yellow, and came up with this list:

“Audience at Sunset” (poem, collaboration with Wilum Pugmire) in Spectral Realms

“Chamber of Shards” (poem) in Cyaegha

“In Her Hibernal Aspect” (story) in Cyaegha

“The Dying King” (story) in Cyaegha

“Caressa’s Song” (poem) in Spectral Realms

“The Cyprian’s Tale” (story) in Cyaegha

I expect to write more KIY pieces in the future. One of the things that fascinates me about Chamber’s King In Yellow Mythos is that it’s quite vague and undefined, which makes it wide open for endless variations and interpretations. It’s kind of a Rorschach test. You can make of it what you will.


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Midnight Shambler # 2 Cover and Contents























Here’s a blog post I drafted ages ago and never got around to posting:

Midnight Shambler #2 was a Special Lovecraftian Issue published May, 1988. It contained:

“Gibberings from the editor” by David Barker

“Dust to Dust” by W. H. Pugmire

“The Weighing of the Soul”, “The Gate Between the Stars” and “Power Failure” by Ann K. Schwader

“Wine In Slimy Bottles” by Bobby G. Warner

“The Screaming Stones” by Ralph E. Vaughan

“The Darkest Morning Revisited” by Raymond Schmitz III

“Moles” by Lisa Lepovetsky

“Before the Dawn” by Gary Lovisi

“The Scrawling Chaos” (Letters), and

“Alien Concept” by Albert J. Manachino.

Plus art by Richard Sardinha, Darrell Tutchton, Doni A. Lazenby, David Barker, Raymond Schmidz III, Carole Wellen, and Kevin D. Duncan.  The issue hasn’t been reprinted although there may have been two issues of the original edition, based on the fact that I have one with a tan cover and another with a pink cover.

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Little Gray Bastards is now available

Little Gray Bastards, my nonfiction book on UFOs and alien abduction written in collaboration with Jordan Hofer, can now be ordered on the Schiffer Publishing website.



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The Dreamlands Novel is Completed

My pal W. H. Pugmire and I recently completed our short novel set in H. P. Lovecraft’s dreamlands, and the text has been copy edited by the leading Lovecraft scholar and editor of weird fiction, S. T. Joshi. Our tentative title for the book is Witches In Dreamland. The manuscript is being evaluated by a publisher.

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Poet and small press editor Harry Calhoun has died

Sadly, poet and small press editor Harry Calhoun passed away on October 31, 2015. I didn’t know him well, but we had some very pleasant exchanges by mail and/or email and he sent me at least one, and possibly more of his books and magazines. Shortly after I heard the news, I did a quick search through one of the stacks of poetry books scattered around the house and found one that Harry Calhoun had sent me in 2011, titled. The Insomnia Poems. I immediately reread it and was reminded that it’s truly superb, the language finely crafted, the poems insightful, profound and touching. I don’t recall if I told him that back when I first received it. Harry is best known as the editor and publisher of the tiny poetry magazine, Pig In A Pamphlet. Issue #12, which was an all Bukowski special issue, is famous for the fact that Bukowski’s publisher John Martin objected to Harry publishing a stand alone edition of Bukowski work with no other writers being involved. That issue is titled “then I gave up and started drinking heavily” and is now a rare item that sells for about $200, although the issue price in 1985 was a mere 50 cents. I want to do an exhaustive search through my books to see what else I have of Harry’s. I’m pretty sure it includes issues of Pig In A Pamphlet although I don’t remember having number 12. There may be other chapbooks of his as well, and possibly cards or letters. Harry was a good guy, a gifted poet, and is missed by many. Rest in Peace, Harry.

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H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival 2015

I’ll be in Portland this weekend for the HPLFF. Today (Saturday, Oct. 3), I have two official events: the mass author signing from 10 AM to 12, and a reading during the 3:00 to 4:00 PM block. Nothing special planned for Sunday, so I’ll just be hanging out that day. Unfortunately, my friend and collaborator, Wilum Pugmire, is unable to attend this year. I will have small number of copies for sale of the two books we have written together: The Revenant of Rebecca Pascal, and In the Gulfs of Dream and Other Lovecraftian Tales. Your best chance of buying one from me is this morning (Saturday) at the signing event, but if you miss that, feel free to ask me about books at any time during the festival, as I very well may have some copies remaining after the signing.

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“In the Gulfs of Dream & Other Lovecraftian Tales” is now available

I’ve been very negligent about posting here. Since my last post, the regular and deluxe hardcover editions of the new collection of horror stories by me and W. H. Pugmire became available at the Dark Renaissance Books website. The deluxe edition quickly sold out, but copies of the regular hardcover — which is limited and signed — are still available. Once the hardcovers are all gone, a trade paperback edition will be released. We’ve gotten some excellent reviews so far, including a yet to be published review by scholar, editor and critic, S. T. Joshi, that is very favorable. I’m very pleased with all aspects of the book. Wilum and I are now about half way done drafting a novel set in H. P. Lovecraft’s dreamlands, which is to be published by Dark Renaissance Books in 2016, hopefully in the spring, in time for the next Portland CthulhuCon. That project is going very well and I’m enjoying the writing. Wilum is the perfect collaborator. He inspires me and motivates me to do my best work, all with no pressure. It’s a smooth process. I’m lucky to be doing this.

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