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Scary Rabbit Creepy Bunny Easter Horror Kindle eBook

My short Easter horror / sci-fi ebook, Don’t Go Down the Bunny Trail, is free all day today, Saturday April 15, 2017, on Amazon. You can get it here if WordPress allows me to insert a link to it: https://www.amazon.com/Dont-Go-Down-Bunny-Trail-ebook/dp/B007I6FBLW/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8Continue reading

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New Book on UFOs and Aliens by David Barker and Jordan Hofer to be published in Fall 2017

Schiffer Publishing has scheduled the second UFO book that I wrote in collaboration with Jordan Hofer, “Unidentifiable Flying Objects,” for release in Fall 2017. Below is a link to a PDF of the press release. The cover art was created … Continue reading

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Little Gray Bastards is now available

Little Gray Bastards, my nonfiction book on UFOs and alien abduction written in collaboration with Jordan Hofer, can now be ordered on the Schiffer Publishing website. http://www.schifferbooks.com/little-gray-bastards-the-incessant-alien-presence-5900.html

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David Barker’s “The Reality Hoax” UFO book is back in print (or e-print, anyway)

I just expanded the Kindle ebook edition of Scenarios of Alien Visitation, a book I first published in 1985, to include another short speculative work on the UFO phenomenon that I wrote that same year, titled The Reality Hoax. The expanded edition … Continue reading

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David Barker Donates Two of His UFO Books to my UFO Research Library

David Barker Donates Two of His UFO Books to my UFO Research Library. Jordan Hofer and I are collaborating on the book Little Gray Bastards.  The Buddha in the cover art for Cigar Shaped Craft looks a lot like my … Continue reading

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Free Bizarro Science Fiction Ebook by David Barker

My new ebook “Alien Autopsy Barbecue” is free from Amazon today.  It contains two related UFO-themed short stories, “Alien Autopsy Barbecue” and “Words That Hurt.”  “Alien Autopsy Barbecue” is about humans eating aliens and having fun doing it, and “Words … Continue reading

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